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A little place called Kelowna

Last year our travels took us to BC in search of deep snow and some serious adventure and a little mischief. It turns out that we found all three. I think we all bet that the best stop during our trip would be Whistler. Whistler is known for its huge terrain and crazy night life. I have been there numerous times for summer camp and during the winter and I have to say it is one hell of a place. This last trip was different though. One of our first stops was a town called Kelowna in southern interior BC. Kelowna is a town that has as many summer sports as it does winter. There are a couple nearby ski areas we had in mind, Silver Star and Big White. The first night in town ended up being a crazy one. We all had been cooped up in a rental car for 6 hours and we wanted out in a serious way. We started out the evening at a local steak house. The food was great, the beer was even better and the service was friendly and nice to look at, if you know what I mean. We ended up making friends with a couple of the hostesses and they let us in on a local hang out called the Ok Corral. We all got washed up back at the hotel and headed out for a night on the town. The Ok Corral is kind of a old style cowboy dance club where Eminem, Jay-Z and others are nicely mixed right in with the country, alternative and rock hits. The music was great and the place was packed! It ended up being one of those nights when you try to get everyone to leave at closing time and they give you quick hand gestures as to not scare away the young lady they are leaving with. Everyone slowly stumbled back to the hotel between the hours of 3:00AM and 5:00AM with endless war stories and high fives over a successful night of binge drinking and debauchery.
Kelowna Kelowna
Even pink bears drink beer in Kelowna??

The next morning we headed to Big White, and we were glad we did. The past night more than a foot fell on the top and drifted nice and deep in the trees and gullies. Visibility was poor, but we dug right in. Ass over tea-kettle over the first ridge and into open fields of snow. Being a bunch of east-coast rippers we are right at home in the tight trees. I think the locals forgot that there is snow in there. We buried ourselves up to our wastes in some spots and build a nice little kicker to top off the day. I have to say that this 24 hour period was one of the best I have ever had. Good friends, good beer and fresh tracks. I don't think I could ask for more.
Kelowna Kelowna
Jim was so excited he humped a tree and Doug was so excited that he humped the snow?? Hmmm, maybe a little tension from the prior evening?

Check out Kelowna, it worth the trip...


Killington to open new glade

With the coming winter all us east coast rippers think snow and hope that we don't have a repeat of last season. Killington has always been one of my favorite (in bounds) places to ski. There terrain is huge, they have multiple aspects so you can find good conditions throughout the day and has always been a mountain that lets you push your limits. They have an open woods policy, basically what this means is that patrol usually will not bother you for skiing through the woods as long as you don't duck a rope to get there and you are within your abilities. This has allowed people to discover new hidden jewels, deep stashes and frozen river beds. Some of these jewels will go untracked for days. I have a few of my own favorite hideaways within the Killington bounds. There's nothing like seeing the look on people's face's in the lift line when the trails are scraped off and somehow you still have fresh snow splashed all over yourself...

This season Killington is planning to take away one hidden jewel and put up signs to it. That's right, they are opening a new glade and I'm sure some local rippers will be very disappointed. The only thing left to do is to find a new jewel, I know there is more to discover. Killington is still planing to schedule opening day on a week day, so I guess I have to give them a little credit, even though they are about 15 days late to open. Think snow...


Yearbook Movie premier

Harpers Ferry in Allston, MA held the premier of the new M.S.P production, Yearbook, this past Tuesday night. It was quite the season opener, a hand full of big name pro's, live music, free giveaways, beer, beer, oh did I mention beer, and the Red Sox playing in the background. Sometimes it was tough to tell if people were screaming about the ski movie or the Red Sox... I know where my mind was, and it wasn't baseball... The movie rocked and the sponsors of the premier really pumped up the crowd. Our friends at Summit Ski and Snowboard gave away tons of free swag and had a drawing for skis and a backpack. The band was good except for the lead singer being a Yankee's fan; that didn't go over well.

Nothing like a good ski flick to help me through my long wait for the first chair of the season. It seems like only yesterday we were at Tuckerman's getting a last good line in. Its this time of year when my living room floor becomes a ski slope and I learn year after year that its not a good idea to put on all your ski equip in the house!


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