Monday, October 18, 2004

More snow in the alpine! 

Get 'ur stoke on!

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Snow in the alpine!!! This is the Round House Restautant on Whistler Mountain at about 1850m. This picture is from
Photo: Andre Charland

Monday, October 04, 2004

Our Friends 

"Mountains have the power to call us into their realms and there, left forever, are our friends whose great souls were longing for the heights. Do not forget the mountaineers who have not returned from the summits."
-Anotoli Boukreev, 1997

Skier: Cornelius "Kees" Brenninkmeyer
Photo: Tobin Seagel
Location: Mt. Denali, Alaska, 17,000ft.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Long May You Ride 

Jim Franklin loved to ski, and died doing what he loved. What do we do when our friends leave this life? When we survive while other's don't? A cruel twist of fate brought an end to the short life of my good friend Jim two weeks ago: what a short life it was. Jim was only 21 with everything ahead of him, his whole life to live for, it's vitalness pulled from his grasp and ours forever. Admired by many, Jim was a great guy to be around, and an incredible skier on his way to certain greatness. I will miss him. Farewell Jim; on that big mountain in the endless sky, long may you ride bro.

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Skier: Christian Bjork
Location: Ushuia, Argentina

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Good Bye Jim Franklin - Here's to you buddy! 

It's a sad day. We've all lost a great person, good friend and amazing skier. Jim Franklin died in a fall at Las Lenas, Argentina on September 14th 2004.

I met Jim at Ivan's and then at the pool hall one evening with my Swedish buddies (aka the Vikings) Christian, Daniel and Lars. Jim was just chillin' at the bar chattin' with the bartender I wasn't playing pool and Jim immediately asked if I wanted a game. I sunk few ball off the break, but when Jim got his turn it was all over for me. Jim sunk the 8 ball and that was it. I left shortly after because I was tired and wanted to ski the next day.

The next day I got up early with Christian an Daniel to get on the lifts as early as possible. The problem was they'd had a little run in with ski patrol the day before, and the patrol was waiting at the lift. I had no choice but to go up alone. On my way up Lars got a hold of me on the FRS radio and asked me to wait at top. When I got to the top Jim was hangin' out with some other skiers and asked what happened to the Vikings. Jim was always helpful and concerned for others, he'd seen them the day before with patrol and tried to help but without being able to speak spanish fluently he couldn't help much. He immediately invited me to ski with his crew as I was alone, I told him I was going to wait for Lars but would love to hook up at the bottom and head into the backcountry after. Lars and I shredded a run and met up with Jim to head up to Cerro Martin.

On our hike up Jim told me about his skiing road trip from the last year. He spoke fondly of his time in BC so we bonded immediately. He spoke highly of my friend Les Manley. He was stoked to come back to Whistler with some better snow and ski hard with us. In fact Jim had only positive things to say. He lead us up around the Cerro Martin and to a shady shoot on the back side, which had no tracks in it yet. Still he didn't jump in first, he let Lars have first tracks so I could shoot some clean photos. When we regrouped below the chute, Jim was already traversing high to the right to set up for this 15m (50ft) cliff next to Entre Rios. I would like to name this cliff "Jimmer" in honour of our friend. I got set up for the shot and about 15 min later, Jim dropped through the steep rocks and flew through the air and stomped the landing like it wasn't a thing. Buttery smooth. That was definitely the biggest line skied at Las Lenas during my week there, and it was the best week of the year. I would bet that Jim was one of, if not the strongest skier there. The next day I skied an adjacent run and saw Jim hiking over to the cliff again, however he didn't know I was there to set up for the shot. He still dropped the cliff again, but just to up the ante he threw a 50 foot front flip. His ski ejected on impact, but otherwise he stuck it.

The rest of the day Jim continued to ski sick lines, and take it to the next level every chance he got. Everyday after skiing Jim would come to my appartment to check out the pics and maybe also to hag with the swedish girls (Anna, Sara and Emma)...but that's just speculation. We had a good time hangin' out. The 5 of us laughed alot and Jim had a great sense of humour.

My last night in Las Lenas we went to an asado (bbq) at Ivan's appartment in Lyra. We all hung out there until around 1am and then headed out to UFO Point. Jim always joked about climbing up the roof and changing the "UFO Point" sign to "FU Point", not sure if he got around to it. The defacto place to start your paryting in Las Lenas. The beer and vodka redbulls were flowing freely that night. I was distracted by a beatiful Argentinian girl, but I think Jim was ok on his own entertaining the Swedish twins and their friend. I think I lost track of them in the wee hours of the morning. I stumbled home around 7:30am, I don't know but it was bloody light out by that time.

After a couple hours of sleep I stumbled out of my appartment and was looking for something to eat. I recognized Jim's beat-to-shit pink Armada boards on the deck at UFO. I found Jim lying down on the soft white sofas on the patio with his buddies from Mendoza. We hung there for a good part of the afternoon drinking Quilmes beer and eating our Lomo Completas. Our favorited Swedish chicks joined us for a while too, and I think plans were brewing for more partying that night. However, my bus was leaving at 4pm and the Marte lift had apparently opened so Jim decided to get a run in. We made some plans to find each other back in North America for the winter season. A hand shake, a hug and a "rip it up man..." and I was off. 5 days later back at work I got an email from Ivan about the tragic news.

That was a quick glimpse of my time shredding sick pow in the Argentinian Andes with Jim Franklin. Jim was inspiration to all of us. His personality, sense of humour, sense of adventure, humility and athletic ability was impressive to all who met him. From what I understand he didn't die in any type of reckless accident some might guess, it was bad luck hitting rocks in mellow terrain. Jim was very calculated in his approach to the mountains and knew his abilities. He was also one only 2 people who I saw wearing a full face helmet in Las Lenas. Jim will live on riding hard in our minds and hearts forever!

Jim Franklin, 50 ft front flip like in ain't no thang. That's Jim's bomb already, he stomped the first landing. Second time lost a ski but then shredded big turns on one ski! Never ceases to amaze.
Las Lenas, Argentina.

Keep rippin' buddy we'll always remeber you!

Please visit Jim's brother John's website at

Monday, September 13, 2004

Daniel the Viking - Shredding Pow in Las Lenas, Argentina
Photo: Andre Charland

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